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These days, plant-based alternatives are all the rage. Whether its companies that make these alternative options as their primary products, or even animal protein companies trying to diversify and capitalize on a trend (that we think is here to stay!)

Annika Bauer, a good friend recently went to work with one of the largest plant-based meat alternative brands, Meatless Farm, so we viewed it as a perfect opportunity to learn more about the industry and her company!

When was Meatless Farm launched?

Meatless Farm launched in the UK in 2018, and the brand entered the US market in 2019

What was the reasoning behind it? Meatless Farm was founded by Morten Toft Bech after he and his wife discovered the difficulty of preparing quick and easy protein-filled, plant-based meals for their family. Meatless Farm’s mission is to inspire people to reduce their meat consumption with tastier, healthier and more convenient plant-based alternatives powered by clean pea protein. Meatless Farm is solely focused on creating the best-tasting, fresh, plant-based meat alternatives that are delicious, easy to cook and better for both people and the planet.

Where is the company located and where are the products made?

Meatless Farm is based in the UK where all our products are currently produced. Our U.S. headquarters is in TriBeCa, New York.

Was there fear about the competition from impossible foods and beyond meat?

At Meatless Farm, we’re happy to see the surge of interest in plant-based meat alternatives and that there is now a variety of options for people who are looking to swap out more of their meaty meals with meat-free ones. We aren’t afraid of competition; rather, we rejoice in the fact that so many Americans are enthusiastically turning toward brands that offer them more sustainable, planet-friendly options.

Try Meatless Farms ground meat for a plant-based pasta bolognese

Can you describe how Meatless Farm is different from it’s competition? What different products do you guys make?

Meatless Farm makes delicious meat alternatives using plant-based ingredients; from pea protein to chicory root, everything that goes into our food is natural. Our meat-free burger patties, meatless ground, and sausage products are plant-based, gluten-free, have no added sugar, and are made using the highest-quality, non-GMO ingredients available. The innovative use of pea protein in our products gives it a meaty texture and taste, while also being packed with protein. Our team of chefs is dedicated to making fresh, 100% plant-based meat alternatives that taste delicious, are easy to cook versatile, and great for your health.

Meatless Farms plant-based sausage is the perfect addition to your breakfast

What product do you like the most?

My favorite is the Meatless Farm Sausage Patty. I love breakfast and these are a quick and easy way to add that savory quality to my egg dishes before work. I usually make a breakfast sandwich, or breakfast taco.

You were a meat-eater before, has working for a plant-based meat company transitioned you away from animal meat?

Working at Meatless Farm as definitely challenged me to think about my eating habits more. I have always done my best to think about my purchasing decisions and consider all the direct and indirect impacts they have. After all the books, research, and articles I’ve read for my job, I certainly have changed my lifestyle. I cook vegetarian and when I eat out, I make an effort to try all the wonderful New York City Plant-Based restaurants.

What do you think are the main benefits of plant-based meat options?

When you replace meat with more plant-based options like those from Meatless Farm into your diet, you increase your fiber and vitamin intake, lower your cholesterol and blood sugar, and decrease your chances of getting chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Plant-based meat alternatives also make a delicious difference for the planet — if every household in America swapped just one plant-based meal per week, the impact would be the equivalent of taking 102 million cars off the road and reducing land usage by the same area as 110 Yellowstone National Parks!

The Meatless Farm Co. in Forbes Magazine

Where can customers buy your products?

Online at and in Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

Do you guys provide recipe suggestions?

Absolutely! Meatless Farm has tons of delicious recipe ideas on our blog:

A fun update on Meatless Farm- they recently learned that are a finalist for World Plant Based Award 2020 Best Plant-Based Company.

They also received a Mindful Award for Best Breakfast Meat Alternative 2020!

Congrats to them! Now, who's down to try it with us so we can all share some recipes!


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