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About Alex

Alex brings 10+ years of media production and marketing skills designed to increase brand awareness, create a cohesive and obvious messaging strategy, and encourage ethical and sustainable behaviors in her business clients and their customers.

She graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder, with a degree in marketing and digital media. Born and raised in Maryland, she has spent most of her adult life traveling to create content and experience different cultures, which has influenced her communication and working styles.

With skills in photography, videography, and writing, Alex combines strategy and storytelling to make a difference. Alex believes in using media and technology to provide education on topics that are tough to grasp due to varying factors. Through her work with the government, she has learned the art of messaging and understands that the messaging strategy is about the audience and how they hear and learn. She incorporates her marketing background into her storytelling techniques on the path to creating widespread change.

Alex's passion for helping the environment and inspiring sustainability around her is present in all aspects of her life.  She also runs a change agency that provides impact marketing and sustainability consulting, called PlanIt Branding.

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