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About Gina

Gina Hoag, a professional with master's degrees in social work and psychology, brings a unique perspective to her specialization at the intersection of mental health, elite athletic performance, and general well-being. Her comprehensive understanding of psychological principles, coupled with her insights into the unique challenges faced by athletes, allows her to offer valuable support. Gina's approach helps individuals optimize their mental well-being and achieve peak performance, regardless of their background.

Gina's commitment to mental health advocacy extends beyond her work with athletes. She firmly believes in the interconnectedness of personal well-being and environmental stewardship. This belief fuels her dedication to promoting awareness and implementing initiatives for a healthier planet, showcasing her passion for making a difference.

Gina believes permanent change starts with challenging deeply entrenched beliefs and behavior patterns. Whether you’re trying to change yourself or society, it takes persistence. While we interact with one another on an individual basis, our decisions and actions affect the health of the environment and everyone on the planet.

Gina is a founding member of the Kahana Foundation and has been an active board member since its inception. Alongside her daughter, Alex Kahn, Gina helped write and edit 'Reunite US,' the recently completed documentary about Honolulu’s single-use plastic ban.

Gina enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors and pursues activities such as rock climbing, hiking, and gardening. She resides in Colorado with her dog, Lola.

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