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The mission

The mission of Kahana Foundation is to provide environmental education through visual storytelling and work with individuals, organizations and governments to help them tell their stories and facilitate a positive change.

By creating media, blogs, and social media, as well as hosting events, we combine education and activism. We operate with a journalistic approach, presenting multiple sides to every story, shining light on hopeful and despairing issues, and above all providing our audience with the information needed so that they can make an informed decision regarding their individual behavior.

Our nonprofit shares stories of positive and negative news happening around the world that are related to the environment and human impact. We believe in the collective effort of those trying to do good and we work to bring the volunteers and organizations together who are fighting for the same goal.

Kahana Foundation seeks to inspire and educate people of all ages, but puts a specific emphasis on youth and young adults. We tell stories that affect everyone and are genuinely looking to guide people to live more sustainable lives, and provide them with the information and tools to do so.

Our future goals are to be able to provide more in-depth storytelling, host events nationally, bring on a larger team of content creators worldwide, create lesson plans to go along with our creative content, and in general become a source for news, lifestyle tips, and inspiring education for people everywhere.


In a world of fast paced technology, instantaneous viral news, and a love for all things media, Kahana Foundation. is taking advantage of how people learn, think, and act by offering a variety of media outlets and action opportunities to educate the 21st century digital era. While our primary focus is storytelling through videos and images, our images are supplemented with written pieces to get a more in depth look at an issue, while providing hard supportive facts. The world is changing too fast to assume that relevant information can come from a printed source and humans have now become accustomed to visual and instant storytelling. Taking influence from the news, our focus is purely environmental education and our goal is to provide viewers with the information they need to make alternative decisions should they feel inclined- and that includes helping them to engage in local environmental civics. Media stories told correctly can be observed by all ages, and everyone stands a chance to learn something new. To provide our education, we are taking advantage of visual storytelling, social media, blogging, Youtube and live stream software. 

However, there is another element that has always been relevant, even if often forgotten- human uniting together for the purpose of action. People are social creatures, but they also feel joy and achievement when they do something they feel is good for themselves, others, or the planet. Humans crave this satisfaction and with environmental topics, the more individuals learn, the more they want to do something about it. 

We provide the information for how individuals can do something to make their own lives more sustainable, plus tips for how they can help their communities. We also offer cleanups, meetings, and other organized events that allow for social interaction and action, and make the individuals feel good.  We are networking with other nonprofits and policymakers to build partnerships and work together to achieve common goals. We are telling stories for those who don’t know how because a collective effort is essential.

Our goal is to make the world a cleaner, safer, healthier, and happier place, but this is a collective effort and there is no simple solution. Through a variety of strategies we hope to share our passion enough to influence people to make a difference and spread that passion on. We believe in the power of Word of Mouth marketing and how that concept can apply to the spreading of environmental knowledge. We will not stop our mission because we know it is making a difference and that this knowledge and awareness will always be needed.

With our nonprofit, our mission is two fold: first, to provide environmental education to viewers about what’s happening throughout the world so that they can be as informed as possible; second, to foster a community of individuals who feel passionate and empowered to get involved in their local communities and help to facilitate positive environmental changes on a local level.

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